synthetic and acrylic sports flooring
  vinyl gym and sports flooring
Synthetic Flooring System
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Acrylic Flooring
Moldo Sports acrylic flooring posses numerous characteristics and can best suited for both asphalt as well as concrete subfloors
3 to 8 layer system with or without coushine layer
uses : Long tennis, basketball, volleyball, skating and Children’s play area in design patterns
Warranties can range from one year to five years
Multiple color options available
Design as per international standards with high durability & performance.
Non glare
Fast dry surfaces
Low maintenance
Ultravoilet resistant colors
Non harmful to body parts
MOLDO Artificial Grass Turf
Moldo Sports artifical turf have following features
Fieldturf Tarkett with a 10 to 15 years warranty
approved product with international sports authorities
Can be used for football, hockey, cricket, multi-purpose use
durable and low maintenance costs
Eco-friendly material , High strength and Anti- slip
MOLDO Poured-In-Place Playing Surfaces
Moldo Sports offer Poured-In-Place Playing Surface system with following technical characterstics
1. Moldo Poured-in-place primer
  a. Material : Polyurethane
2. Moldo Poured-in-place Basement
  a. Material : Blend of 100% recycled SBR ( StyreneButadiene Rubber) and Polyurethane.
  b. Thickness: 14mm /16mm
  c. Formulation Components :Blend of strend and Granular material
3. Moldo Poured-in-Place Top Surface
  a. Material :Blend of recycled SBR/EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber and aromatic or aliphatic urethane binder
  b. Thickness : Minimum 4mm
  c. Color : as specified by the architect from Moldo color chart
Moldo Sports offer Poured-In-Place Playing Surface system with following features
Optimum strength , Flawless design and Excellent finish
Mesmerizing design
Consistent cushioning
Eco-friendly material
High strength
Anti- slip
Ultravoilet resistant colors
Non harmful to body parts
Warranty upto 3 years
Uses : Jogging tracks, Running Tracks , Children’s play area and outdoor gardens
MOLDO Interlocking PP- Tiles
MOLDO IKON PP-Tiles Interlocking System for outdoor sports with the international specifications to meet the high level sports activities. The system is recommended over at concrete base . .
PP tiles which can be easily installed and moved
Excellent Playability and cushioning with fewer injuries risk
Durable and can last 2 to 5 years
Multiple colors available
increased Playing Hours and comfort
Heat and water resistance
Environmentally Friendly
Uses : Outdoor Basketball Court
MOLDO EPDM Rubber Flooring For Outdoor Surfaces
Moldo’s EPDM rubber flooring has following characteristics
8 MM to 50 MM thick rubber flooring with an EPDM/SBR
Comes in both roll / tile format
Great protection for athletes due to rubber used
3 year warranty
Great comfort
Multiple colors available
increased Playing Hours
All -weather Availability
Generally Safe Application
Environmentally Friendly
Fewer Injuries
Excellent cushioning
Uses : Gym , Yoga Center , Dance floor , pedestrian track
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