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BS-1000 Series

BS-1000 Series are made of 100% recycled rubber granules. BS-1000 Series are combined the various kinds of courts construction technology under the elasticity layer (such as tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts) with the factory adopts the pre-casting process to manufacture the 100% recycle rubber rolls. The prefabricate rubber rolls are equal thickness, balanced elasticity and smooth surface. Besides.itís convenient for transport and carry.It needs a few of laborious and simple tools in the process of installation. There is no need to have the aid of any equipments and solve the problems of hard installation for the resilient layer in the air.


BS-2000/3000 Series

BS-2000/3000 SERIES
BS-2000/3000 Series are made of black rubber granules and synthetic EPDM granules.This rang of products are combined the Human movement mechanics and characteristics of rubber materials with steady performance and smooth surface sflooring made in factory .This kind of floorings maintain the good resilience and offer the wide customers with safe, comfortable and soft while playing, working and living.
BS-2000/3000 SERIES

BS 5000/7000 Series

BS-5000/7000 Series are made of black rubber granules and synthetic EPDM granules. This range of products are bright colors, vogue and elegant. Itís the first choice for trends design nowadays.


BS-8000 Series are made of 100% synthetic EPDM granules. This range of products combined the modern spot science and material science with the pre-casting process in the factory . The athletic rubber rolls are smooth surface, equal thickness and unified color. There needs less laborious and adhesives. Equipped with the simple tools rather than other equipments, the installation will be finished. They can be used within 24 hours after installation and maintained easily .

BS-Tile / Mat / Interlocking

The range of products are derived from the whole BS series. In the course of process, the products are individual. They can also be made into portable, easily installed and magic interlock, reducing the problems with installation. The products above BS-2000 with the recycled rubber granules can be made bright, smooth and stout rubber tiles. In this way, the useful life of rubber tile can extended doubled.
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